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NC Open Pass Events

NC Open Pass fosters the use of open data and civic tech to create innovative products and services. NC Open Pass brings together citizens, government, academia, businesses and entrepreneurs in a series of events throughout the year. The events provide the opportunity to develop civic projects and the opportunity to compete for cash prizes...

March 3-4

Hear about the latest in Open Data and Smart Cities, learn how to use data like a journalist or help area agencies dealing with affordable housing

Community Action Day
June 9
Community Action Day

A time for public innovation – to brainstorm creative solutions to community problems

August 11

A national, coordinated effort bringing together urbanists, civic hackers, government staff, developers, designers, and community organizers to make their community better

Civic Camp
September 21-22
Civic Camp

An annual event bringing citizens, government, academia, and businesses together to openly innovate and improve our quality of life through technology

November 8

An open data competition to catalyze positive community and economic impact with coaching and cash prizes

Regional Events
Regional Events

Events organized by other groups that your Open Pass gives you access


from around North Carolina


of awesome programming


spread through the year


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